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Selected Projects

Infineon R&D Building
Client: WKI Immobilien GmbH
Location: Linz 2017 - 2020
The new Research & Design center in Linz Urfahr for DICE / Infineon provides space for 400 employees.

Concept & Architecture

The main orientation of the office building is parallel to the Donaufeldstraße. A setback from the road creates a green filter. The H-shaped development structure can be seen as a continuation of the U-shaped development direction Freistädterstraße.

The concept focusses on high functional usability and efficient use of space, thus leading to a sustainable solution. The result is two north / south-facing office bars with ideal lighting and the flexibility in organization. Through two connecting structures, which simultaneously contain the vertical development, the two bars are connected. The space created by the connecting buildings serves as a delivery zone in the north and as a green to the south. Together with the inner courtyard, green roofs ensure an optimal microclimate.

A banded façade supports the clear building volumes. White aluminum cassettes ensure a harmonious and uniform picture. Partly projecting or recessed elements divide the volume of construction. The generous window openings provide plenty of daylight in the office spaces.

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Project data:

Partner in charge: Wolfgang Kaufmann, Christoph Schaumberger
Team: Johann Schmid (PL), Andreas Justl, Walter Barth, Alexander Germann

Net floor area: 9.300m2
GFA: 10.400m2
Footprint: 2.870m2
Underground parking: 93 spaces
Surface parking: 73 spaces

Start of planning: 04/2017
Construction start: 02/2019
Completion: 03/2020

Fotos: Martin Steinkellner
Renderings: OLN
Text: Johann Schmid