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Selected Projects

LDZ - Provincial Centre for Public Services
Client: Realtreuhand / LVV
Location: Linz 1999 - 2004
Making transparent organisation perceptible
Provincial Centre for Public Services in Linz

In a democratic society, public administrative buildings have to reflect openness and responsiveness if they are to be accepted by the population. The Provincial Centre for Public Services in Linz displays this in its architecture.

The Centre for Public Services combines several requirements of a modern administrative building: on the one hand to provide a top-quality working area of more than 90,000 m_ effective floor space for some 1,800 employees, on the other to guarantee clear and simple orientation for visitors.

With a grand gesture, the building opens on to the station square via the bus terminus on the ground floor. A wide staircase, an escalator and a handicapped-accessible lift lead to the entrance hall and citizens service bureau and on to the large, light-flooded transverse wings which extend over all storeys and from the Kärntnerstrasse to the railway. The individual office wings branch off here. These corridors cross the 200 m-long main station, which is open on both sides – towards the station square and the Volksgarten. Thus within the building, visitors can orient themselves to the familiar external surroundings and landmarks, depending on where they are.

The conference rooms are accessible over cascade-like staircases. At the ends of the hallways and on the landings are informal communication areas. All the offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and the lighting is operated according to daylight conditions. In summer, the air is kept at a pleasant working temperature by blinds in the efficiently insulated windows, together with ventilation and air-conditioning. The water is heated by means of passive solar energy.

The functional arrangement of the building is reflected in the exterior. The facades – each one different – are adapted to the surroundings: that on the busy Kärntnerstrasse is a large, smooth, consistent form on V-supports, resulting at ground level in a spacious arcade which offers shelter to pedestrians coming from the town. The sides facing the station square and the Volksgarten have high, wide loggias opening the view to the large tree-filled courtyard, so that the ground-plan structure of the building is visible from public space. Towards the railway, a greenish-white shimmering sound-insulating wall with large glazed openings shields the office wings from the noise of the trains.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian, Flugbild: Helmut Jäger-Waldau
Text: Norbert Tomasi
Architecture: ARGE Kaufmann|Partner und Neumann + Steiner