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Selected Projects

Raiffeisen Forum
Client: Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ
Location: Linz 1999 - 2002
Combining future with tradition.
Raiffeisen Forum.

The Raiffeisen Forum demonstrates that an entrance need not be purely an entrance. A multi-functional structure, it connects the various stages of the architectural development of the Financial Services Centre, thus combining future with tradition.

The Raiffeisen Forum, as a multi-functional entrance hall, links the 1974 head office with the 1990 extension and the new private banking building.

Urban planning situation
The extensions along the Goethestrasse and the Khevenhüllerstrasse complete the sides of the square in keeping with the 1990 extension. Traffic regulation on the Goethestrasse/Blumauerstrasse crossing was restructured, allowing space for a park with lawns and stone mosaics in front of the Financial Services Centre as well as an adequate forecourt for the bank.

The Raiffeisen Forum is a multi-functional glazed hall, 15 m high, 18 m wide and 60 m long. It serves as the central entrance to the Financial Services Centre of the Upper Austrian Raiffeisen Bank. From the Europaplatz, access to the Raiffeisen Forum is via the semi-public courtyard. In keeping with the basic ideas, the aim was to create an outdoor atmosphere in the interior of the Forum, as demonstrated by the glass walls and the deliberate integration of the existing façade into the interior. Access to the head office is by two glass panorama lifts which give the visitor a view of the hall and different perspectives of the large-scale ceiling sculpture by Jan Voss.

The bridges linking the head office with the extension give the Raiffeisen Forum a structurally sophisticated appearance, and the glazed rear wall affords attractive views of the Mühlviertel region and the Pöstlingberg – the landmark hill of Linz.

To the east, the Raiffeisen Forum offers views of the private courtyard towards the Schallerhaus. The densely-planted trees and the artistic light installations make a fascinating focus for visitors to the frequent events held in the building.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian
Text: Norbert Tomasi