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Selected Projects

Veritas Publishing House
Client: Landesverlag GmbH
Location: Linz 1988 - 1999
Working in the park
Veritas Publishing House office building

Trees surrounding a building create a pleasant working atmosphere. If the grounds also resemble a park, the architecture has to be discreet enough to combine unspoilt nature with the necessary effective floor space in the best possible way.

As part of the Oberösterreichischer Landesverlag (Publishing house of Upper Austria), the Veritas publishing house was to have a building of its own that would project a clearly identifiable image. Some years previously, the printing works of the main house had been moved to the bank of the Danube, near the Hafenstrasse motorway access, and it made sense to have the publisher´s building nearby.

Urban planning situation
The aim was to integrate the building discreetly amongst the trees in the surrounding park. Traffic access should be kept to a minimum, while allowing sufficient parking spaces. This was a problem because the subsoil near the river made an underground car park impossible.

Architecture in harmony with natural surroundings On the basis of these circumstances, a simple cubic structure was created, facing the road. Between the two sides with their almost windowless walls is a double-row office structure with an atrium extending to the full height of the building, with a glass roof through which daylight reaches the whole interior. This vertical opening facilitates internal communication throughout the building. The office storeys have full-length glazing, and horizontal slats provide optimal protection from the sun. Since the building is raised on supports, the ground level serves as a car park. The light grey plaster façade fits discreetly into the natural landscape.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian
Text: Norbert Tomasi