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Selected Projects

Europaplatz Office Centre
Client: Realtreuhand
Location: Linz 1994 - 1996
Rethinking space for different perspectives
Europaplatz Office Centre

Sometimes the view from outside opens up new perspectives. This is how it was with the Europaplatz Office Centre, where good-quality offices were built instead of poor-quality flats.

The original plan was for residential building on this site. To Kaufmann / Partner this seemed quite absurd, not least because of the traffic situation. The alternative proposal was to use it for an office centre, taking into account the design centre and hotel already under construction. To date, it houses the offices of a major insurance company and a well-known law firm.

Urban planning situation
The structure of the building consists of a block along the Goethestrasse together with the transverse blocks. The main block runs almost parallel to the Goethestrasse, while the transverse blocks, continuing the alignment of the existing structure to the north, extend as far as the road. Thus the building rounds off the whole complex with the Design Centre and its forecourt. The structure is organised to suit the users; the arcade formed by the different projections towards the Goethestrasse allows an extremely flexible use of the rental premises through separate entrances at the intersections.

The office floor-plans are geared to a classic double-row arrangement of offices with access from a central corridor. The cruciform structure forms light-wells which allow sufficient daylight into all the offices and make for a pleasant room climate. On their longer sides, the transverse blocks have a plaster façade framed on two sides by strip windows. The street façade consists of horizontal strips of natural stone, a structure continued in the two-storey basement of the main block. In contrast, the apron walls of the three upper storeys of this block are faced with muted grey Argenton elements. The use of the same façade panels creates a link with the Design Centre and Courtyard Hotel opposite, so that the three buildings on the Europaplatz form a consistent ensemble.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian
Text: Norbert Tomasi