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Selected Projects

Bellaflora Garden Centres Leonding
Client: Bellaflora
Location: Leonding 2002 - 2003
Rooms of blooms for a flowering identity
Bellaflora Garden Centres Leonding

An architectural identity for a company is essential in particular if the company has widespread branches. For Bellaflora, corporate identity was achieved with markets in 20 different locations.

In the early 1990s, the Bellaflora company asked Kaufmann / Partner to come up with ideas for a basic design for their outlets. Until that time, these had been situated in unremarkable market halls with no distinguishing external marks.

The basic architectural idea
Kaufmann / Partner developed the concept of a glass market resembling a greenhouse – the idea being that flowers and plants should be displayed in an atmosphere in which they could also be bred and would flourish. This brought airiness into the markets, since instead of the usual squat buildings, the structure was higher and altogether more spacious, allowing room for the growing environment and emphasising Bellaflora´s green fingers. On this principle, more than 20 markets have been built all over Austria, bearing in mind the importance of easy accessibility and ample space for car parking.

Market and head office in Leonding
The Leonding market is of the same design as all the other Bellaflora markets in Austria, but has to integrate the head office, a symmetrical square building that fits neatly in the centre of the car park. In order to give an uninterrupted view over the car park, only the entrance atrium is at ground level; all the offices are on the first floor, with full-length glazing, a peripheral corridor and integrated sun-blinds. All the side rooms face the glass-roofed atrium, creating a working climate in which not only plants will flourish.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian
Text: Norbert Tomasi