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Selected Projects

Breitwiesergutstraße Residential Estate
Client: GWB
Location: Linz 2003 - 2006
Subsidised residential building with high quality of life
Breitwiesergutstrasse Residential Estate

A good quality of life in residential building is a question not only of ideal floor-plans, but also of the architecture, which can enhance the way the residents identify with their house. The Breitwiesergutstrasse residential estate is an example of this.

The Breitwiesergutstrasse residential estate is in the southern area of Linz, near the Bulgariplatz. The building, which runs east-west, forms the fourth side of a square. To the south, the site adjoins allotments and a sports ground with tennis courts and a football pitch.

The building is accessed by four staircases: the Pillweinstrasse/Breitwiesergutstrasse corner section contains offices; the remaining three sections are purely residential. Each staircase leads to eleven flats, and the entire estate is free of barriers.

All the flats are well lit and aired, with loggias on both sides providing sheltered outdoor areas for both living and sleeping quarters. The living and dining areas face south, overlooking the allotments; the bedrooms face the quiet courtyard. The fifth storey is set back, and offers spacious five-roomed flats with surrounding roof terraces.

The corner section of the building is emphasised by staggering the windows from one storey to the next and by the use of large wooden panels on the façade, forming a cube with a projecting exposed concrete frame. The block itself is fairly restrained in style. A white plaster façade, French windows and translucent glass parapets on the loggias and balconies underline the horizontal dimension. The stairwells lend rhythm to the length of the building. The wooden façade panels are echoed in the entrance hall, in the bicycle shed and the bin store.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian
Text: Norbert Tomasi