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Selected Projects

MMH Penthouse
Client: -
Location: Linz 2004 - 2005
A view of the rooftops
MMH Penthouse

Flat roof extensions in urban areas are assuming importance for the future. On the one hand, they enable increased density of urban living-space; on the other, they offer town-dwellers protected privacy in an exposed situation, with new views over the town.

The penthouse, built on an existing office block, consists of an apartment topped by an open space with a swimming pool.

A lift opens into the hallway. The kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom are grouped around the living and dining area. ´There is also a small self-contained flat, suitable for children or guests.

The roof situation allows a variety of terraces, including one in front of the dining area and one with an outdoor whirlpool, in front of the bathroom. The swimming-pool level with sun deck, sheltered from the wind by a surrounding transparent glass parapet, offers a magnificent view of the town below.

The flat is placed on the load-bearing sections of the existing block by means of a steel construction. The façade is largely glazed, and integrated slatted blinds offer sun-protection and privacy.

The main, central area is divided by furnishings and niches, so that the dining area, library and bar define different qualities of openness or intimacy. The floor, a uniform walnut parquet, contrasts elegantly with the white walls and ceilings. The client´s art collection of primarily large-scale modern works is shown to advantage here.

The penthouse has an integrative technical control system which allows heating, lighting, cooling and all audio-visual media to be operated from a single control unit.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian
Text: Norbert Tomasi