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Selected Projects

Ried Football Stadium
Client: SV Ried Errichtungs- und Betriebs GmbH
Location: Ried/Innkreis 2001 - 2003
A project with a kick
Ried Football Stadium

Building an Austrian Football League Stadium in a rural district demands great sensitivity and a sense of reality on the part of the architect. The history of the new Ried stadium was almost as suspenseful as a football match. The better solution won the day.

Boosted by the success of their football club in the Austrian League, the governing bodies of Ried Sports Club and the town of Ried had considered building a new stadium, A site had been decided upon and a master-plan drawn up. During half-time at a League match, Wolfgang Kaufmann was asked whether, if Ried won the match 2:1, he would come up with a few ideas about a new building. As a football fan, he could hardly turn down such a wager. Ried won the match 2:1 – and the concept for a new stadium.

Preliminary round with surprises
Before starting plans for the development, Kaufmann / Partner inspected the new site. The land was too expensive, and the traffic connections so poor that it would have taken a great deal of money to improve them. So the governing bodies asked Kaufmann to look instead at a concept for renovation and extension of the existing stadium. He refused. The mayor was dismayed, and demanded at least a suggestion for a new site. Kaufmann / Partner found a suitable site directly by the trade fair centre in Ried and produced a concept for the building. The grounds had excellent traffic connections and sufficient parking spaces, and the new stadium could even result in synergy with the Ried Trade Fair. Eighteen months later, Ried Sports Club kicked off for the new League season in the completely sold-out stadium.

Concept and architecture
The League stadium was planned for 7,600 spectators, adapted to the local requirements and the realistic needs of the region. This applied primarily to the dimensions, all additional functions of a League stadium being taken into account, such as changing rooms, team rooms, club rooms, catering premises and VIP enclosure.

The result was a highly rational basic construction. Precast concrete units were used in the stadium; the grandstand roof consists of a wired steel construction with translucent web plating, so that there are no supports obstructing the view of the field. The club´s colours are reflected in the façade, and the entrance gate, box office and betting office are consistent in style, clearly marked for ease of orientation.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian, Kaufmann|Partner
Text: Norbert Tomasi