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Selected Projects

Umdasch Research Centre
Client: Umdasch AG
Location: Amstetten 1989 - 1992
Lone-standing development centre
Umdasch Research Centre

A world where everything is increasingly focused on gaining a leading position in research and development demands support from architecture in this ambition.

The Umdasch Research Centre marks the beginning of the relationship between Kaufmann / Partner and Umdasch AG. The project was the winner of an invited competition.

The lone-standing structure is situated to the west of the main access road to the factory, and together with the administrative building opposite it forms a kind of gateway to the grounds.

Architectural counterweight
Grouped at right angles round a central staircase are two wings of five storeys staggered in height and depth, with a low, flat-roofed annexe on the west side.

The roof, rising to the front, gives the main-road fa├žade a dominant, prestigious appearance, enhanced by large solar glass panels and structured by vertical plaster elements.

The composition of the building attempts, through a distinctive formal language, to create an architectural counterweight to the relatively banal factory aesthetic. The staggered storeys reflect the various functions of the interior life of the building.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian, Kaufmann|Partner, Aerophoto: Umdasch AG
Text: Norbert Tomasi