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Selected Projects

Bernecker+Rainer Production Plant
Client: Bernecker+Rainer Industrie- und Elektronik GmbH
Location: Eggelsberg 1998 - 2000
High-tech production out in the country
Bernecker+Rainer Production Plant

Economic growth requires an architectural environment that will cater flexibly for the constantly changing spatial demands of a company. If the environment is in a rural area, the exterior architecture has to show restraint, developing its real strengths in the interior. An example of this is the Bernecker & Rainer production plant in Eggelsberg, Upper Austria.

A company that manufactures electronic components for all applications in automation and process control has different architectural requirements from those of comparable companies in urban surroundings. To date, Kaufmann / Partner have planned and implemented for Bernecker & Rainer the constructional requirements for their production and administrative buildings. Phase three is currently at the planning stage.

Rural environment
In the first building phase, the concept was clearly geared to the rural environment. There was no attempt to make it stand out from its surroundings, but rather to make it fit in with the existing buildings in the neighbourhood. It avoids fragmentation, however, creating modern production rooms oriented inwards. The second phase was aimed to make the outward form of the now extensive factory premises reflect the processes taking place inside. Special attention was paid to the organisation of the production process. Features which at a superficial first glance might seem arbitrary develop in the interior a distinctive architectural function. This kind of production plant does not require a classic assembly shop where components are put together on a production line. These are in fact office work-places involved in production, so that great flexibility is achieved in the rapidly expanding overall production, since each work-place functions not only within the high-tech production, but also as an effective administrative area.

Since the company is expanding at great speed, work has already started on the third building phase. Future expansion of the building will include, besides extra production premises, an extended canteen area for employees as well as more room for the research and development department.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian, Aerophoto: B&R
Text: Norbert Tomasi