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Selected Projects

Office Park on the Central Ring Road
Client: Prof. W. Kaufmann
Location: Linz 2002 - 2003
Developing space with added value
Office park on the central ring road

Enclosing urban spaces can have many advantages, bringing a lasting improvement in a living and working environment that would otherwise lie directly on a busy main road.

Unimposing as the office park may seem at first sight, the interior has much to offer. The building closes the Blumauerstrasse side, creating a new inner courtyard which considerably enhances the quality of life in the whole square by reducing noise and exhaust fumes.

With the six-storey office block, 200 jobs were created, and the underground car park below the grassed courtyard provides extra parking spaces for residents in the surrounding districts. The canteen, with terrace, is open to employees and neighbouring residents.

The central staircase and the ground-floor reception area are in the main entrance hall. On the upper storeys, the offices are on either side of a central corridor, allowing maximum flexibility for the organisational requirements of the various tenants.

Simple elegance
The building is attractive in its simple elegance, in the colours grey and anthracite, and with its ingenious façade construction with horizontal aluminium slats which adjust to the position of the sun. The façade echoes the dynamic of the flow of traffic and endows the whole building with a special quality of lightness. The horizontal slats contrasting with the verticality of the stairwells form a kind of visual bracket.

The inner courtyard provides a peaceful refuge from the world outside. The complete glazing of the inner façade makes for a vivid play of colour, so that the reflection of the greenery and the heterogeneous surrounding buildings brings a contemplative ambience to the once noisy square.

Photos: Dietmar Tollerian, photo model: Kaufmann|Partner
Text: Norbert Tomasi