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Selected Projects

Bab Al Madina Souq
Client: Jordania-Austria Trading Company
Location: Zarqua, Jordan 2004 - 2004
Bab Al Madina Souq – Zarqua, Jordan

The project is situated at a prime location at the heart of both the Zarqa commercial district and MAWRED Pilot Project of the entire Zarqa New Garden City. The location is a natural expansion of Zarqa’s most condensed commercial and active business zone serving as a main entrance to the new Zarqa city. The lots of land are serviced with well planned infrastructure and public utilities making it ideal to commence the development works.

The public domain areas excluded will serve as the pedestrian spine, minor street through the mall, the civic plaza and the mosque.
Master planning and conceptual drawings have been developed by kaufmann|partner and are showing a combination of modern and local traditional architecture and are based on a high quality finish type of construction. The 2nd level in the market area is served with 6 escalators, 8 panoramic lifts and 9 lavish staircases. All the arcades and courts are covered by a roof to ease the movement of shoppers under all weather conditions. In addition to the shops on level 1 & 2, the souq encompasses 3 department stores on the level 1, offices at level 2, a nearby open market, open courts and a 650 car parks facility.

Fotos: Kaufmann|Partner, Aerophoto: MARWARED
Text: Kaufmann|Partner