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Selected Projects

Neurological Therapy Center Gmundnerberg
Client: VAMED
Location: Gmundnerberg 2007 - 2010
Neurological Thearpy Center
NTGB Gmundnerberg

The basic buildig concept is developed as a H-shaped structure, 2 wings on the southwest and northeast primarily containing the patients room area. The wings are connectet with a two-story building serving the main entrance and more public funtions on groundfloor.

Therapy rooms are located on the lower level including a therapy pool area, the northeastern wing on groundlevel contains the staff and patients dining room, which open to the outdoor area as well.
The property counts a total of 120 patients rooms (84 single bed rooms and 36 double bed rooms).

The architecture refers to the natural surroundings and local building culture and deals with the amazing view overlooking lake traunsee.
The interior design uses warm colors and high value materials in order to create a decent environment for medical staff but the patients especially.

Project data:

Function: Neurological Thearpy Center
NFA: 10.000 sqm
Gross Volume: 31.000 cu m
Building Cost: EURO 16 Mio.
Start of planning: 08/2007
Construction start: 10/2008
Completion: 06/2010

Photos: VAMED, Kaufmann|Partner, Kunstkontakt
Text: Kaufmann|Partner