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Selected Projects

Students´ club ARGE WSL
Client: ARGE Wirtschaft und Studieren in Linz
Location: Linz / Urfahr 2006 - 2008
A non-places eye
Students´ club ARGE WSL

The insufficient situation of the existing students´ club, located in a halls basement, led to the client’s decision to go for a new building.
The proposed site located next the university campus and with good access to public transportation is mainly determined by the bordering main roads and the uplift highway track.
In that sense the project constitutes a non-places eye.

The new building typologically is organized as an L-shaped, two-level solitaire in black coloring contrasted by red-brown panels defining the event center on the upper level. The placement on site creates a species outdoor area.

Vertically the three levels are connected by an open atrium; the staircase is wrapped around the elevator shaft with artwork from artist Johann Jascha.
Rugged and high value interior finishes provide easy maintenance; dark colored furniture is used in opposition to the light parquet.

A heat-pump system is set in place instead of a traditional chiller and a non parallel operation of the ventilation system enables its economically reasonable dimensioning.

Artwork: Johann Jascha
Photos: Dietmar Tollerian, Kaufmann|Partner
Text: Kaufmann|Partner