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Selected Projects

City Center One Zagreb East
Client: Manta d.o.o.
Location: Zagreb, Croatia 2010 - 2012
City Center One East

The scheme is located in the eastern district of Zagreb on the key road coming from the east and leading into the city, along the extension of the A3 in the direction of the city centre, Slavonska avenija, thus being well visible from both directions of travel and offering good accessibility both for local residents and those from outside the region of Zagreb.


The shopping centre is constructed as an American-style mall comprising three levels. Its basement, ground floor and upper floor are built as full storeys. Parallel to the link road leading to Radnicka cesta the mall building is longitudinally oriented along a north-south axis and is set back from the road by the parking space lying in front of it.
The mall building is approx. 95 m broad and approx. 250 m long whereas its height amounts to approx. 13 m above ground level due to the lowered retail basement. All three levels devoted to retail are optimally accessible from the outside through an entrance on each level; the ground floor and the basement can be accessed through two equal entrances from customer parking spaces lying in front; the upper floor of the multi-storey car park lying in front of the mall building is directly connected to the north end of the mall on the upper floor.
The multi-storey car park for customers lies 10 m away from the mall building and is constructed as a standalone building. Of its approx. 2,200 parking spaces 934 are in the basement, 769 on the ground floor level and 432 on the upper floor level. A further 66 ground parking spaces for staff are situated south of the existing railway line. The mall is 180 m long, vertically open over all three levels by means of galleries, and ends in junction areas. A terrace lies in front of the central food court in the south-west corner on the first floor.
In terms of design the mighty structure of the shopping centre is overclad with insulated sandwich panels of playfully diverse colours. The south-west corner facing the road junction is deliberately accentuated by having the upper floor slightly jut out and by using a façade design which matches the centre’s corporate identity colour, which makes it representative of the centre and recognisable to the general public.


Gross floor area (mall): 73,207 sqm
Gross floor area (incl. parking structure): 99,422 sqm
Plot: 73,387 sqm
Footprint: 36,592 sqm
Leasable area: 60,271 sqm
Number of shops: 135
Multi-storey car park: 2,200 parking spaces
Start of construction: 10/2010
Opening: 03/2012

Photographs: Dietmar Tollerian, Kaufmann & Partner
Text: Kaufmann & Partner