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Selected Projects

M.A.N.D.U. Linz Mitte
Client: Mandu Linz Mitte GmbH
Location: Linz 2012 - 2012
M.A.N.D.U. Flagship Store

The space is located in a pedestrian zone in a historic district of Linz’s old town, below the Linzer Schloss. The historic building is under a preservation order and, like several other houses in its immediate vicinity, is relatively narrow yet deep.
In the past the house used to be home to one of the first bookbinderies in Linz; the areas on the ground and first floor were used by different gastronomy businesses in the end; the upper storeys contain flats.
As a result of a change of ownership, which was accompanied by a complete revitalisation of the space, the business premises are used by M.A.N.D.U. - a lifestyle and fitness service provider - as their flagship store. In addition to their concept of muscle training with electrical stimulation, under the expert guidance of professional trainers, the space allocation plan also includes areas for healing massage.

Architecture and Design

The design concept is oriented towards a modern, clear and timeless design. Aspects such as individuality, naturalness and vitality are the central messages of the space. The reduction to few but essential materials, surfaces and colours (white / green / gold) reinforces this clear concept.
The space is strongly characterised by the historic system of different vaulted and wooden ceilings which were revealed in the course of the redesign, by removing the claddings and fittings, so that they essentially characterise the new room atmosphere. This reveals an interior - completely decorated in white - that constitutes a frame in the space which, in accordance with various necessary functions, is only “furnished”.
In addition to the required functions (training area, changing cubicles or toilets etc.), the integrated components (reception lounge-cum-waiting area, specific range of beverages from a drinking fountain and suchlike) fit into and support an effective customer flow. The precise and distinctive use of light as well as the integration of art and plants are other important factors of the design.

In future, the realised design will serve as the Corporate identity for further locations.


Partner in charge: Mathias Haas
Team: Andreas Justl, Bernhard Zellinger

Net usable floor area: 224 sqm
Start of planning: 02/2012
Start of construction: 05/2012
Completion: 07/2012

Photographs: Dietmar Tollerien
Text: Mathias Haas