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Selected Projects

Therapy Center Enns
Client: VAMED
Location: Enns 2013 - 2015
Neurology and pulmonology treatment centre with 120 beds and corresponding treatment areas

The existing hospital has been demolished and replaced with a 4-storey angular building which is connected to the historic old building on the ground floor, to the south. Together, the new building and historic old building to the south create a three-sided enclosed inner courtyard (outside area).
The main access to the Rehazentrum is by car via the Bahnhofweg road to the north-east and a canopy area is provided for covered access.
In addition to the existing carpark to the east of the Bahnhofweg (60 cars), vertical parking spaces are also provided along the Bahnhofweg to the west. The lower delivery / handover zone in the KG of the northern side is linked to the north-east side of the property on the Bahnhofsweg via a ramp.

Inside the building, the central entrance hall links with the reception, cafeteria and waiting area. The central staircase with lift facilities leads directly to the wards with patient rooms positioned on the top three floors. On the ground floor, the entrance hall links with the treatment area on the southern side and the employee and patient dining area on the northern side. The staircase also provides direct access to the inner courtyard. The basement contains the treatment areas incl. therapy pools on the southern side and these are provided with daylight via large lighting panels.
The remaining part of the basement contains the delivery and handover zones as well as sections of the kitchen logistics and required technical areas (emergency power, air-conditioning and ventilation units, pool technology). The patient rooms on the third floor (with 40 beds per floor) are organised into two sections separated by a central corridor in the side of the building and the relevant ward support point with auxiliary functions is centrally positioned around the vertical core of the development. The required emergency staircases are positioned on the front side of the wards. All of the patient rooms, with the exception of the six rooms with accompanying beds, have a balcony outside. The historic old building along the Stadlgasse is connected directly to the new building on the ground floor and cellar level. The one-storey connecting building includes a side entrance for the administrative staff (1st floor of the old building). The ground floor of the old building contains treatment rooms and the basement contains staff rooms and technology areas.

In formal terms, the fa├žade on the main entrance area is clad in light-coloured panelling and the structures of the wards wing are framed with earth-coloured plaster facades while horizontal handrails run along the balconies.

The colour and materials concept inside uses different colours to facilitate navigation and create a homely feel for the patients and a pleasant working ambience for the care staff through the choice of materials.

In energy terms, the project exceeds all current requirements and has been awarded the international LEED gold sustainability certificate.

Project data:

Partner in charge: Mathias Haas, Wolfgang Kaufmann
Team: Bernhard Wallot, Mathias Berlesreiter, Andreas Justl

Function: Neurological and Pneumological Thearpy Center
NFA: 9.850 sqm
GFA: 10.600 sqm
Building Cost: EURO 15,8 Mio.
Start of planning: 05/2013
Construction start: 11/2013
Completion: 06/2015

Landscape Architect: Land in Sicht
Renderings: Kaufmann|Partner
Photos: Werner Leutner, Anna Kirchweger, Julia Koppler
Text: Mathias Haas