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Selected Projects

Brucknerstraße residential estate
Client: Ärztekammer für OÖ
Location: Linz 2011 - 2013
High quality living with suitable resources

This project closes the existing gap between the perimeter block development on the Brucknerstrasse at the centre of a heterogeneous environment.

The building contains 25 residential units looking out onto the inner courtyard and access is available via a central core staircase with a lift and then via roadside arcades on the upper floors.
The ground floor apartments are directly accessible from the road and have private gardens on the courtyard side. All residential units on the upper floors have spacious outdoor areas in the peaceful inner courtyard in the form of loggias in-front of the residential areas.

The 5-storey main building has a projecting roof floor to the east which reflects the two rooftop cubes of the western neighbouring building. The roadside ground floor façade features a fair-faced concrete strip with storey high entrance doors and windows. The floors above feature a simple white plastered façade with offset windows.

The project has been designed in a cross-wall construction style with concrete components and was handed over on a turnkey basis after a construction period of just 9 months.


Partner in charge: Wolfgang Kaufmann
Team: Mathias Haas, Paul Wallner, Christoph Schaumberger, Walter Barth, Kurt Jabinger

Net floor area (residential): 1.735m²
Gross cubic space: 6.735m³
Residential units: 25
Underground parking spaces: 25
Start of planning: 09/2011
Construction start: 07/2012
Completion: 04/2013

Phtos: Mathias Haas
Text: Mathias Haas