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Selected Projects

R Boat house
Client: Mag. Ratschamna
Location: Attersee 2012 - 2013
Comprehensive renovation of a boathouse

The approx. 120 year old boathouse on Lake Attersee was no longer usable and could no longer be accessed due to the effects of the weather and water proximity. The wood had already exceeded the threshold between being weathered and being brittle.
During an assessment, the decision was made to undertake a comprehensive rather than a partial renovation. The foundations and concrete base around have been retained and the static supporting frame (beam and post) and façade have been replaced with a wooden structure; official requirements have also brought increased standards in terms of fire safety.

The concept incorporates the details of nature protection and requirements of the building authorities and is based around the forms, cubic content and accurate reflection of the original roof shape and height of the structure, developing this logically.

The structure is divided into two floors. The ground floor contains the boat garage and a storage area dedicated to this function and garden. Both rooms are connected with one another and accessible from outside.
An outdoor staircase links to the upper floor. The upper projecting platform provides access to a spacious terrace to the north-east (garden decking) and on the other side, doors integrated into the façade give access to a closed, light-flooded common room with lake views. There is a south-west aligned terrace (lake deck) in-front.
The projecting garden decking continuing on from the outside staircase and the recessed storage room form another covered outdoor area with seating on the ground floor area.

Given the current construction regulations, the wall facing onto the neighbour had to be used as a firewall (reinforced concrete) which was clad with wood for formal reasons relating to the neighbour (nature protection requirement) but remains untreated in the inside area. The reinforced concrete wall forms the static backbone which gives the wood frame structure the required level of reinforcement.
The ridge height and roof angle equivalent to the building were also retained.
Instead of the standard required braces for static reinforcement, triangular wooden frame reinforcements were developed in the ridge area so as to avoid any further limiting of the minimal available room lighting on the top floor.
The horizontal wooden slat cladding (larch rhombus panelling) was ‘wrapped’ around the entire property based on the joint cutting and the connections, edges and soffits were adapted to the joint cutting. The railings involved omitting every second bar (main building) while the guard railing on the garden decking and staircase were formed of filigree ropeways.


Partner in charge: Mathias Haas
Team: Andreas Justl

Net floor area: 48,50m²
GFA: 68m²
Number of boats: 1
Start of planning: 03/2012
Start of construction: 11/2012
Completion: 06/2013

Photos: Mathias Haas
Text: Andreas Justl